This engineer has created essentially the most "life like" lightsaber up to now


Since the concept of the lightsaber was introduced to the world by Star Wars, many have tried to recreate it. While some attempts have been successful, success came mainly from the functionality of the design, where it appeared to have the cutting power of a lightsaber.

However, these designs "failed" in the sense that they were bulky as the blade itself, unlike the lightsabers we see in the films, could not be retracted. However, engineer and YouTuber James Hobson may have finally done what many have tried by managing to create a lightsaber with a retractable blade.

According to Hobson, this is based on the theory that plasma can be held in place using a magnetic field. He then built on this theory and modified it to get it where he wanted, where through the efforts of his team they built this lightsaber based on the principle of "laminar flow". This involved the use of liquefied petroleum gas and oxygen, which are then sent through "laminar nozzles" to create a retractable jet.

They improved this further by adding chemicals to the mixture that changed the color of the beam, like sodium chloride, which colored the beam yellow, while boric acid made it green, and so on. The end result is pretty awesome, if not perfect, because, according to Hobson, it would take the energy of a nuclear power plant to produce the energy of a "real" lightsaber.

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Katherine Clark