This experiment showed that the AirTag can be a good device against bicycle theft


Apple’s AirTag is designed to help you keep track of things like keys. However, could it also be used to prevent the theft of things like maybe your bike? A bike shop recently decided to test it out by attaching an AirTag to the bottom of the saddle of a bike parked outside the shop.

Then a friend had the bike “stolen” and taken it to an unknown location, giving them a 10-minute head start. For those who don’t know how to track the AirTag, it basically leverages Apple’s Find My network, which is made up of iPhones and iPads, as well as other Apple devices in the region.

Whenever the AirTag approaches one of these devices, it pings the network to inform it of its location. In this scenario, the bike shop owners received their first ping about 8 minutes after the bike was removed. Since the bike was constantly on the move, tracking isn’t as smooth or consistent compared to regular GPS, but the few pings it was able to send back allowed owners to get an idea of ​​where the bike was headed.

We would not recommend that you use this information to track down the thieves yourself. In fact, Apple is not promoting the AirTag to be used this way, but it could be useful information you could give the police.

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Katherine Clark