This neural glove will enable you to click on your mouse by simply serious about it


When it comes to quick games, reaction is key. This is what distinguishes professionals from amateurs. For example, amateurs may know to use the mouse to shoot the enemy, but right now they may be panicking or confused about what to do and because of this, their reaction times may be slow.

However, this is an issue that the Brink Bionics staff hope to resolve, as they have since introduced the Impulse Neuro Controller glove. This is a glove that you wear and that is also connected to your brain. The idea is that it can help players click their mouse faster if you just think about it.

The developers claim the device can help save a valuable 80 milliseconds of your response time, which is actually quite a lot. The Impulse glove is not and should not be viewed as a target bot. Players must continue to play the game themselves, moving their mouse and aiming at their targets.

The best part is that you don't necessarily need a new setup to make it work. Since this is a glove, all you have to do is wear it and use it with your current gaming setup. The glove's design is based on the same technology that powers prostheses by using electrical impulses to initiate an action.

However, since we haven't tested it ourselves yet, we don't know how well it actually works, but YouTuber Trisha Hershberger put together a video that demonstrates it. Try it out before you pledge your support.

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Katherine Clark