Try this Mandalorian Xbox One wi-fi controller


With the Xbox Series X and Series S released next month, Microsoft appears to be preparing one final hurray for its Xbox One. The company has since got its hands on a Mandalorian-themed Xbox One WiFi controller and charging stand that can be yours for $ 160.

We should point out that this controller could potentially be the last theme set we see for the Xbox One series. This is because, as mentioned earlier, the next generation consoles are set to be released soon and we expect that future collaborations or thematic releases will most likely focus on the next generation consoles rather than the previous generation consoles.

Now $ 160 is a bit expensive for a controller that could soon become obsolete. However, you should note that the Xbox One controller will work with Xbox Series X and Series S. However, you might be missing certain features exclusive to the Xbox Series X and Series S controllers, but they'll work just fine if you're not looking for something special.

The controllers can be pre-ordered. So if you're interested, head over to the Microsoft website to pre-order your controller today. The website release date is December 31st, but we imagine it's likely a placeholder.

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Katherine Clark