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Watch dwell: World Well being Group informs Covid as Europe's outbreak seems to be slowing


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The World Health Organization holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic on Friday as cases in Europe show signs of slowing after a handful of countries shut their economies for weeks.

While many hospitals and intensive care units in Europe remain full, virus transmission appears to be falling in the region, Maria van Kerkhove, WHO director of emerging diseases and zoonosis, told CNN's New Day on Thursday.

"We're starting to see the corner turn," she said. "However, this comes at a high cost as many home stay measures have been taken, many mobility restrictions have been introduced, but it helps …"

The WHO has warned that an upcoming coronavirus vaccine, which could get emergency approval in the US by mid-December, will not help countries fight the current wave of Covid-19 infections in Europe and North America.

The coronavirus has infected more than 61.1 million people worldwide and killed more than 1.4 million people, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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Katherine Clark